KyberSwap Tutorial

🔵 Website: https://kyberswap.com/swap/base

1) Once on the KyberSwap page, select the Base network and connect your wallet.

2) Then click on the token selector, paste the CA of 2FAi in the box (0x1C1eC1bb5f12F24c97231165B13F3Eab9d4Ec00e), click on the "Import" button and in the next window click on "I understand".

3) The next step is to enter the number of tokens, click on the icon with 3 dots (...) and open Settings.

4) Now simply adjust the Max Slippage where it says "Custom %" to 5 or 6% and click the "Back" arrow to return to the swap.

5) Next, click on the "Swap" button and another window will open to review the swap details before confirming. Check that the Slippage is correct and click on the "Confirm Swap" button.

6) Finally, confirm the transaction in your Metamask or wallet and as you will see it has been completed without any problems.

NOTE: If you still get swap errors, go back to the configuration window where you change the slippage and at the bottom click on "Liquidity Sources".

Next, look for UniSwap V3 in the list of providers, deselect it and click the "Back" arrow to return to the swap and try again, thanks.

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