Tiers System

Our innovative Tiers System introduces a structured framework to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, leveraging a token-based economy to facilitate access and rewards.


Our Tiers System is designed to cater to a wide array of users, from casual enthusiasts to the most dedicated ones. It introduces four distinct tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier offers progressively greater benefits, access levels, and opportunities, enabling users to maximize their experience based on their commitment and investment.


  • Access Level: Entry-level

  • Cost: FREE

  • Benefits: 1 slot for usage

  • Description: The Bronze Tier serves as the gateway into our ecosystem, offering users a taste of the services with minimal commitment. It’s perfect for new users who are exploring the offerings and aren’t ready to make a financial investment.


  • Access Level: Basic

  • Cost: 0.005 ETH

  • Benefits: 2 additional Slots

  • Description: Moving up to the Silver Tier, users gain enhanced access by investing 0.005 ETH. This tier is designed for users who see value in our offerings and are willing to engage more deeply by utilizing additional slots for their activities.


  • Access Level: Advanced

  • Cost: 0.01 ETH (cumulative with Silver Tier)

  • Benefits: 2 additional Slots (cumulative with Silver Tier benefits)

  • Description: The Gold Tier is targeted at users who are deeply engaged with our services and are looking for even more access. By investing an additional 0.01 ETH, users unlock further slots, adding to those available in the Silver Tier, and enhancing their ability to leverage our services.


  • Access Level: Premium

  • Cost: 0.015 ETH (cumulative with Gold Tier)

  • Benefits: Unlimited Slots

  • Description: The Diamond Tier represents the pinnacle of our Tiers System, offering unlimited slots for the most committed and invested users. With a further investment of 0.015 ETH, Diamond Tier users enjoy unparalleled access and flexibility, demonstrating the highest level of commitment and receiving the maximum value in return.

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