🔵 Enhanced Privacy and Security

2FAi encrypts 2FA secret keys with the user's wallet's public key, ensuring unparalleled security. This encryption means that the 2FA keys are safeguarded with the same level of security as the user's cryptocurrency assets.

🔵 Accessibility

Unlike traditional 2FA methods, 2FAi is device-agnostic. This means users can access their 2FA secrets and generate OTPs from any device, simply by connecting their wallet. This feature addresses the critical issue of device loss or change, which often renders traditional 2FA methods inaccessible.

🔵 Reliability

By storing encrypted data on a distributed, decentralized storage system, 2FAi eliminates the risks associated with centralized storage solutions, such as data loss due to accidental deletion or server failure.

🔵 Sovereignty

2FAi adheres to the principle of "Not your keys, not your crypto," extending it to "Not your wallet encrypted 2FA secrets, not your social accounts." This philosophy ensures that users maintain full control over their 2FA secrets, independent of centralized OTP token generators.

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